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Boeing.archivea.com by Archivea 

The American/Swiss Connection.

We started publishing art in 1959 in California. Our business grew over the years and we found our demands for quality and service were best served by relocating the printing business to Switzerland. We thus founded Archivea GmbH in 2010 to serve our global clients. We are a committed group of Americans and Swiss people dedicated to transportation history, art, film and industrial design. It is an honor to serve Boeing and its dedicated customers and employees.

Our boeing.archivea.com website supplies wall decor to Boeing fans, employees and collectors all over the world. 

Our mission is to curate and present Boeing imagery to all those that love it.  

"I am Rick Weedn, son of Jack R. Weedn and Flavia Weedn. I was born and raised in 1950's Southern California as were my parents before me. My father started our first family company just after I was born. I come from a military family, my dad was a US Navy Submariner and my uncle was a B-17 Pilot. I grew up with a passion for aviation, motorcycles and cars. If you have any questions at all or have a special request, just shoot me an email as I am here to help you find or create the perfect Boeing art that fuels your passion"

- Richard Weedn Co-Founder of the Archivea GmbH



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Lugano, Switzerland


 (EU)  +41 79 265 8891 or (USA)  1-800-542-1441