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The Boeing Company



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Photographic prints are printed on glossy 300gsm Canon photo paper. Wall Murals are printed on matte finish self-adhesive fabric.

Stretched Canvas is stretched by hand over pine bars and printed on satin canvas.

Digitized from the original negative , printed in Switzerland and USA to museum standards.

Imagery in this collection is from The Boeing Company. All reproduction rights are reserved by the copyright owner and used under license by Archivea GmbH. All Images are printed with a white border ready for framing.

Douglas F4D Skyray (1951-1958): A beautiful delta-wing, single engine jet interceptor, the F4D Skyray was one of the fastest fighters of the 1950s. Named Skyray because of its manta ray like design, the F4D made its first flight on January 21, 1951. The plane was on the leading edge of aircraft design and performance of its day. The U.S. Navy had requested an airplane that could climb to 40,000 feet in five minutes; the Skyray could do it in two. In 1953 it set a new world’s absolute speed record of 753 mph, and earned Douglas a share of the 1954 Collier Trophy. In 1957 it became the first Navy airplane assigned to the Air Force’s Air Defense Command. Called the “Ford” by its pilots, the F4D was not an easy airplane to fly. It had several unforgiving qualities with some unusual controls to overcome them. Up until 1969 the Navy used the F4D to teach its pilots how to handle an unstable aircraft. Total Skyray production was 421.


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